Studying Abroad

Based on our expertese on Human Resource issues and career coaching and consultancy, we have enriched our services with the “Study Abroad” consultancy scheme.

In effect we undertake all the steps and proceedures needed for a student to apply and study abroad. Our services portfolio encompases:

– Consultancy based on each students personal profile. We believe that each person has his own strengths that need to be highlighted and developed.

– For any level of study: Bachelors, Masters or even Doctorate and PhD Degrees.

– Both for young and mature students wishing to study at a foreign University.

– For any subject and specialty you might require.

– Research amongst hundreds of Universities in the United Kingdom, Holland, Belgium.

– Complete profiling of the most suitalbe programmes to choose from, according to ones strengths and needs.

You can contact us directly to discuss your personal interest and what we can do for you by filling out this form and stating your interest in studying abroad.